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A Guide to the Three December Birthstones - What to Know

A lot of people love December birthstones because of their enticing bluish hue. All three December gemstones, turquoise, blue zircon, and tanzanite, have a beautiful sparkle of blue that is opposite to the traditional “Christmas colors” of red and green. On top of that, their dazzling luster all tell different stories, making them valuable gifts for December-born loved ones.

What’s exciting about birthstones is that you can buy one that speaks to the personality of the person you are gifting it to. To make your holiday and birthday shopping easier and help you find the perfect gemstone for your loved one, here are things you should consider:

  • Turquoise

  • Since it is one of the first gemstones to be mined, turquoise has a rich and beautiful history. Its name means “stone from Turkey” because researchers believe that Western Europeans first brought it from that country. It is widely used in ancient cultures like those of the Aztecs, Native Americans, and Ancient Egyptians. It may not have the best clarity and sparkle among the December birthstones, but its wide range of bluish tones convey wealth and power.

    Ancient tribes and peoples have valued this gemstone so much that they attributed special powers to it. They believe that wearing turquoise will keep you away from harm and give you good luck as long as you have it. Some of them put meaning to the gemstone based on its shade, in which they believe that:

    • Light-colored turquoise gives positive energy, which promotes inner tranquility and harmony
    • Darker-colored turquoise helps a person adapt to new environments and ideas

    It is common in many jewelry pieces since it is considered a soft gemstone, making it ideal for carving unique accessories. If your loved one has a strong personality and a great fashion sense, a turquoise gemstone would be perfect for them.

    1. Blue Zircon

    Similar to turquoise, people from the middle ages have linked blue zircon with special powers. They believed that it could ward off evil and gift wisdom and prosperity to the wearer or owner. Aside from that, it can also help stimulate sound sleep. Centuries have passed, yet people still believe that this stone holds special powers. The only difference is that people today attribute it to compassion and confidence.

    As you may know, zircon comes in a variety of colors. However, blue zircon is loved by many because of its soft and delicate appeal. If your loved one has a precious personality, they would surely like to receive a piece of jewelry with their blue zircon birthstone.

    1. Tanzanite

    Compared to the two December birthstones that have been mentioned, it is safe to say that tanzanite is the newer and more modern birthstone. This is because it was only discovered in 1967 in Tanzania. It is one of the varieties of zoisite, a mineral found in a small region in the country. Thus, tanzanite is considered the rarest December birthstone, making it a luxurious and highly valuable gift.

    ​Aside from that, many people love this beautiful blue gemstone because of its captivating and rich shade. In fact, it comes after sapphire in terms of popularity among blue-shaded gems. More than that, it is adored for its pleochroic quality in which various colors can be seen when viewed from different angles and directions. With that said, it would be a perfect gift for a loved one with a charming but mysterious personality.


    The collection of December birthstones is truly mesmerizing and enticing. There is no doubt that their vibrant shades of blue to violet can naturally capture the crowd’s attention. Regardless of which one you give to your loved one, be confident that they will appreciate such a thoughtful gesture.

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