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Most Popular Gemstone Ring Shapes

Most Popular Gemstone Ring Shapes

When it comes to jewelry trends, the gemstone ring has become wildly popular and these are the most popular ring shapes any woman will want to wear.


The gemstone ring is a timeless piece of jewelry that adds a bit of sparkle to any outfit. From regal rubies to elegant emeralds and everything in between, the gemstone ring is a highly versatile piece of jewelry that comes in all colors and shapes. 

Are you looking to add a new gemstone ring to your jewelry collection? With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. 

Whether you prefer a dramatic gemstone ring or something more understated, there's a piece to perfectly suit your unique style. Here's a guide to the most popular gemstone ring shapes to help you find the look you love the most. 

The Most Popular Gemstone Ring Shapes

Gemstone rings come in as many shapes and styles as there are gemstones. The following are some of the most popular shapes that people choose for their undisputed beauty and elegance. 


Round-cut gemstones are the most classic and popular shape. Round gemstones are timeless, and they look great on everyone. The round shape allows for many facets, so your gemstone can sparkle brightly. 


Cushion-cut gemstones are best described as a rounded square shape. This shape is also called a pillow cut. This is another classic choice but with a vintage, romantic twist.  


Princess-cut gems are a true square shape. This cut is elegant with plenty of sparkle, and the clean lines give it a touch of modern style. This elegant shape has had a recent surge in popularity, and it's not hard to see why. 


Oval-cut gemstones are as classic as the round shape with a bit of a unique twist. The slightly elongated shape makes an oval gemstone look larger than a round one, and it helps make your hands look longer and leaner.


Emerald-cut gemstones make a bold statement. The emerald shape is rectangular with crisp lines and flat planes. This cut was once primarily used for emeralds, but now this shape is common for all types of gemstones.

This shape is perfect for larger rings when you want to make a dramatic statement. This cut has fewer facets than others, so the stone won't appear as sparkly as some other styles. 


The radiant cut is similar to the emerald shape but with more facets. This gives a radiant-cut gemstone more sparkle, hence the name. This is the perfect style for anyone looking for plenty of bling. 


Asscher-cut gemstones look similar to the emerald cut, but they are more square in shape. This style has a very Art Deco feel that is perfect for anyone who loves vintage flair. 


The pear cut is unique and elegant. Also called a teardrop shape, this style of gemstone can be worn with the point facing up or down. This is another distinctive shape that has been receiving a lot of attention recently. 


Marquis-cut gems are like an elongated oval with pointed ends. This shape is very regal and exudes vintage glamor. This is another great gemstone cut for making your fingers appear long and lean. 


Trillion-cut gemstones are triangular in shape. Depending on the type of gemstone used, the trillion shape can have either straight or rounded sides. This cut gives stones plenty of brilliance, and the triangle shape is very unique and eye-catching


A cabochon gemstone is a polished stone with a rounded top, a flat bottom, and no facets. This is one of the simplest gemstone shapes. The beauty of a cabochon is that it really lets a stone's natural beauty shine. 


The heart cut is one of the most charming gemstone shapes. This style is fun and symbolizes love. This gem shape is perfect for someone with a playful, romantic personality. 

More Gemstone Ring Ideas

Need a bit more inspiration for finding a gemstone? Here are some popular ways to rock some sparkle on your hand.  

Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings are a classic way to show off gemstones with personal meaning. Birthstones have a long history, and they're as popular today as ever.

Birthstone rings are a great addition to any outfit. They also make a thoughtful gift for someone special. Here are the birthday gemstones for each month of the year. 

  • January: Garnet
  • February: Amethyst
  • March: Aquamarine
  • April: Diamond
  • May: Emerald
  • June: Pearl and Alexandrite
  • July: Ruby
  • August: Peridot
  • September: Sapphire
  • October: Tourmaline and Opal
  • November: Topaz and Citrine
  • December: Tanzanite, Turquoise, and Zircon

Of course, you're not confined to only rocking the gemstone for your birth month. You can choose the birthstone of a loved one, or you can wear any of these gems just because you love how they look. 

Gemstone Engagement Rings

We're seeing the rise of unique engagement rings these days, and 2020 promises to keep the trend going strong. Gemstones are great for brides looking for an ethical, affordable, and unique alternative to traditional diamonds.

For a look that's similar to classic diamonds, brides are opting for moissanite, zirconia, and white sapphires. For a more creative pop of color, aquamarine, morganite, and even opals are stealing the show. 

Your engagement and your future marriage are special, and the ring that symbolizes your love should reflect that. When it comes time to choose your perfect ring, don't be afraid to break from tradition. 

Find Your Perfect Gemstone Ring Today

The right gemstone ring for you will be a combination of gemstone color and shape you absolutely love. With so many options out there, you're sure to find the perfect style for you.

Want to see some more gemstone ring inspiration? Or maybe you've decided on your favorite and want to add it to your collection ASAP? Check out our gemstone ring collection for tons of styles. 


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