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Top 5 Reasons to Gift Birthstone Jewelry

While jewelry will always remain the ideal gift, when you're looking for a piece that's truly unique, discover the top 5 reasons to gift birthstone jewelry.

The history of birthstone jewelry dates back to the book of Exodus and the brother of Moses. His name was Aaron, and his breastplate was bejeweled with 12 gemstones, one for each tribe of Israel.

Later, St. Jerome and Flavius Josephus, scholars in the 5th and 1st centuries AD, respectively, attributed a zodiac sign to each of Aaron's gemstones. 

Then, in 1700s Poland, jewelers began using the 12 gemstones in jewelry, each representing one of the 12 months. This trend of birthstone jewelry caught on in the U.S. in the early 1800s and is still a favorite gift for many.

Let's take a look at five reasons people love getting and giving birthstone jewelry. Keep reading to learn what makes a gift such as a birthstone necklace, birthstone earrings or a birthstone pendant so special. 

Then, find out your loved one's birthstone and start looking for the perfect birthstone gift.

1. Birthstones Are Unique and Personal to the Wearer

Since the gemstone is tied to the birthday and hence birth month of your loved one, birthstone jewelry becomes a unique and personal gift. Your loved one can feel happy that you spent time finding just the right birthstone and will feel special wearing something beautiful associated with their birthday. 

Your gift can then be a conversation point about your loved one's birthday and memorable personal stories. And for those that love the zodiac, birthstone jewelry brings up even more things to talk about.

Your loved one may also enjoy reading more about their special stone and the meanings, healing properties and history.

2. Birthstones Have Healing Qualities and Helpful Powers

Each stone is associated with a planet in the zodiac and is said to connect the wearer to the healing qualities of the planet. Also, since ancient times, healers have said that gemstones placed on the body or worn can help open spiritual and mental blockages. Ruby, the birthstone of July, for example, is said to help with an upset stomach if you grind it up and put it on your tongue.

Also, each gemstone is said to possess its own powers that it then brings to the wearer. Opal, the birthstone of October, for example, brings creativity and confidence to the wearer, helping release anything inside that's holding you back. It also boosts self-awareness and self-actualization.

Peridot, the August birthstone, is said to boost joy and help motivate positive action.

The color of your birthstone is related to an absence of color related to the planets at the time you were born and, hence, your zodiac sign. The idea is that at the time of your birth, there was a deficit of color of the planet furthest away at that moment. The birthstone brings the wavelength of that color back to you.

3. Birthstones Bring On Luck and Protection

When you wear your birthstone, you often feel empowered. This brings on a sense of strength which makes you feel safe and protected.

Legends and myths talk of the special powers of gemstones as well. Rubies were said to bring strength and heat, and ancient tribes used them as bullets. They also were said to bring wealth, health, wisdom and success in love.

Lore also says that you will have good luck in all affairs if you wear your birthstone.

4. Birthstones Are Great for Meditation and Calm

Hold your birthstone in your hand or touch your birthstone jewelry as you meditate and it will help you get to that state of calm. Birthstones are said to help you clear out all those thoughts flying through your head. They help you focus on your breath as you meditate.

Aquamarine, the March birthstone, for example, is a gemstone that radiates courage and helps the wearer's mind be quieted. Meanwhile, the February birthstone, Amethyst, can help restore balance to the crown chakra. 

Or you can focus on your stone itself — the way it feels or the way it looks, for example. Birthstones can help the wearer say bye-bye to stress and anxiety with this type of meditation. Gemstones can also offer a reminder to do the meditation in the first place, building confidence and calm in the wearer thanks to the regular practice.

5. Birthstones Are Gorgeous Gemstones and Fabulous Fashion Items

Birthstones are gemstones and make gorgeous jewelry and, hence, fabulous fashion statements. Gemstones can be polished or raw. They can sparkle and catch the eye of the fashion-forward and anyone that just appreciates beauty.

Birthstone jewelry can be unique and creative. It can be designed to fit any style. If your loved one is born in April and has a classic look, for example, a gift of yellow classic earrings can be ideal. And if your April-born loved one sport a more modern style, dangling diamond birthstone earrings or a diamond serpent birthstone ring would be a smart choice.

Your loved one can feel proud and loved thanks to your gorgeous gift.

The Perfect Birthstone Jewelry Gift

Now that you know some of the top reasons that the gift of birthstone jewelry is so wonderful to give and receive, we hope you're inspired to find the perfect gift for your loved one. 

To start, learn a bit about the birthstone and peruse gemstone jewelry to give you an idea of the fabulous pieces you can choose from. 

Also, please feel free to reach out to us with questions and so we can help you find the perfect piece. We can point you in the right direction, show you your options, help you with sizing and talk to you about custom options. We're here to make the process easy and enjoyable and so your loved one's face lights up when opening and wearing your gift. 

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