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TVON - Foolproof Ways to Vet Your Diamond Jewelry Purchase - Our Guide

If you are fond of jewelry, you’ll quickly learn that there are different types of diamonds, whose qualities differ vastly between them. People who buy diamonds or diamond jewelry expect the highest quality possible. This is only natural, as, if you are spending top dollar on an item, you want to be assured that you’re getting your money’s worth. 

Sometimes, though, an unsuspecting customer can fall for marketing tactics. For example, a diamond’s grade can be bumped up by the retailer. Grade bumping, or inflating the value of a gemstone based on its color, clarity, or cut, is a widely known practice that tricks customers into paying more money than what a diamond is worth. 

Grade bumping is widespread, but not illegal. As such, to prevent yourself from unwittingly paying more than a diamond is worth, it helps to know a few more things about the jewelry you’re purchasing.

The basics of grading diamonds

The first thing to know about diamond grading is that it is based upon the opinion of the appraiser. Though jewelers are legally forbidden to misrepresent their wares, the grading system comes down to the opinion of the person making the appraisal. There are formal guidelines followed by appraisers all over the world; in the end, though, the letter grade comes from the individual who is doing the scoring.

Jewelers have room for their personal opinion when grading diamonds. They can assess a diamond as one grade higher than that of an independent appraiser’s assessment. Since salespeople are not prohibited from doing this, it is a common method of ensuring that customers perceive their items in a favorable manner.

How to shop for well-vetted diamonds

Always look for a diamond’s certificate. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a yellow diamond or a clear one; if there is no certificate, you cannot verify the grade that the jeweler claims for their merchandise. If the stone is evaluated by an independent appraiser, later on, you might find that it is graded much lower than you thought.

Another way to make sure you’re paying the right price for your stone is to purchase it from a well-known store. If you get your jewelry from an authority in the field, you know that you’re getting quality items. A well-known brand or an established name in the industry will not risk their reputation by bumping the grade of their gems.

Look for more than just a certificate

If you are serious about the diamonds you are purchasing, you already know to look for a certificate. In case the diamond you want to buy is not certified, you should insist on its appraisal before you complete the purchase. Doing this may be extra effort, but it will give you peace of mind knowing that the diamond does cost as much as the retailer claims.

You can also prepare for this by knowing the names of common appraisers in the industry, as well as laboratories that issue reports for these certificates. Some sellers might be partnered with appraisers, and you might get a report that is not entirely accurate. To prevent this from happening, do your research before you step into a store or go to the jeweler’s website.


Diamond jewelry is a serious investment. Different kinds of diamonds have different grades, and each grade corresponds to a price point. As such, it is important to know your gemstones so you are able to get what you truly deserve.

For top-quality diamonds and jewelry, choose ours at TVON. We only carry finely-crafted, genuine jewelry with a lifetime warranty in the US market. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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