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Halo Rings The Perfect Engagement Ring for Any Woman

In a marriage proposal, it is often expected that you will either give or receive an engagement ring. More than seeing it as a luxury, couples perceive it as a representation of their love and willingness to spend the rest of their lives together. That is why picking out engagement rings can, most of the time, be a huge decision in any relationship.

Aside from that, selecting the right engagement ring for a loved one can be challenging, especially since there are a staggering amount of options on the market. However, a halo ring remains one of the most popular and beloved engagement styles among many women.

What is a halo ring?

A halo ring is one of the most popular engagement rings where different types of diamonds, gemstones, or birthstones are surrounded by smaller gems, called a pavé. The one to three layers that comprise the pavé is what makes the center stone appear larger and brighter.

This style has been around since the 1700s and has gone through various iterations and versions throughout the years. It began as rings with large, colored gemstones and then developed to sophisticated and elegant engagement bands that you see in the market today.

Why is a halo ring perfect as an engagement ring?

Today, you can find various designs and styles of engagement rings with different types of diamonds and gemstones in jewelry shops. Among those are halo rings, which are a popular choice among women around the world.

Here are three reasons why a halo ring is the perfect engagement ring:

  1. It offers a classic and timeless look

As mentioned, halo rings have been around since the 1700s and have managed to stay popular in the market until today. This only proves that the value of halo rings remains high. Aside from that, its style gives off a classic and elegant appeal, which will surely make the wearer look luxurious and sophisticated. No matter how many years would pass, this piece will retain its full glory.

  1. It can make the wearer look even more glamorous

Halo rings are naturally stylish and eye-catching. When your fiance wears one, it will surely make them stand out among the crowd. Its sparkle will make her look even more glamorous even from afar. This is because the small stones of the paving direct the eye of a person to the center stone, making it appear brighter and larger. It will make her look like she’s wearing a large-carat diamond ring without you having to spend a ton of money.

  1. It can be customized and personalized

The best thing about halo rings is that they suit any woman’s taste and preference. Whether your partner loves vintage or modern style, a jeweler can craft a bespoke halo ring for them. If you want, you can also use birthstones as your center stones. You can also request to customize the cut, size, number of paving layers, and type of metal used. Undoubtedly, your partner will adore a halo engagement ring specially made for them.


Halo rings give off a classic and timeless look. Unlike other engagement rings, they allow flexibility in design, as you can choose different types of diamonds, gemstones, or birthstones as the center stone. With its multiple layers, your center stone can appear more beautiful and significantly enhance the wearer’s look.

If you are looking for the best engagement ring for your loved one, visit our shop today as we have all kinds of gemstones for sale. Whether your partner loves a sparkly or minimalist ring, we can have it customized to their exacting needs.

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