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5 Most Important Aspects of Caring for Fine Jewelry

One of life’s most beautiful luxuries is fine jewelry. There are so many wonderful pieces out there today, all works of art on their own. Great examples include Hollywood superstar Reese Witherspoon’s yellow diamond earrings at the 74th annual Golden Globes and Latina music icon Jennifer Lopez’s 16-carat sparkler from fiancé Alex Rodriguez.

Of course, high quality, genuine gemstone fine jewelry comes at a price. Given how precious these items are, it’s only natural that owning even a single piece means utmost care must be taken.

Do you have a few special pieces you want to keep in pristine condition? Here are the five most important aspects of caring for fine jewelry:

1 - Temperature Control

As mesmerizing as it is to watch jewels sparkle in the light, keep them away from direct contact with the sun’s rays! In the same vein, don’t tuck them away in a place that’s very cold. Room temperature is always best. The last thing any fine jewelry owner wants is premature discoloration or, worse, tarnishing. Depending on what kind of jewelry it is, it could be more sensitive than others! An initially high diamond ring appraisal estimate will be affected by its quality diminishing through improper storage. Be aware.

2 - Proper Lining

Jewelry boxes have many variations, most commonly hard plastic and wood. Those won’t do for fine jewelry. Instead, opt for a storage box that has a fabric lining soft enough to absorb any possible shock. At the end of a long evening spent on one’s feet, it’s inevitable to simply plop the earrings, ring, or whatnot in without a second thought. Having a ‘cushion’ will avoid damage to any gemstones or metal parts. 

3 - Cleanliness

Don’t mix your clean pieces with dirty ones. An heirloom set of alexandrite rings stored alongside a corroded copper bracelet from a thrift store, for example, could spell disaster. Aside from the gem’s quality, it could also be affected by mustiness from the more aged item. It won’t just be the heirloom pieces-it could spread to any other jewelry stored there. If you have pieces that need cleaning, make sure they’re in a separate container.

4 - Separation

Since diamonds are the hardest gemstone, they can cut most everything else. Which means if you store them with your birthstone, let’s say a ruby, the latter will likely end up with scratches. The same is true of all other gemstones. Which one is which depends on their rank as seen on the Mohs scale, which characterizes the scratch resistance of materials. Diamonds are 10, sapphires are 9, and so on and so forth. Don’t stack different gemstones together or put them all in the same bag. Even if the bag is velvet, the diamond will scratch everything else in there. Separation is key.

5 - Safety

While this seems like a no-brainer, it’s worth remembering. It’s easy to get complacent and leave a ring somewhere ‘for a moment’ then forget about it. Other times, convenience can take precedence over security. The number one way to care for fine jewelry is to make sure it’s not lost or stolen by locking the storage location. Plus points for something that doesn’t stand out and isn’t flashy, like a selected drawer in a dresser discreetly lined with soft fabric. 


All told, fine jewelry is a lovely gift for any occasion, for people of all ages! It’s a delightful treat for both the owner and any viewer alike. Whether already a collector or someone that’s about to get their first piece, there’s always something exquisite for everyone.

Looking for the real deal at the very best values? No company is more reliable than TVON, a family-owned business that’s been around for decades! Whether you’re looking for a new pair of beautiful birthstone earrings or an appraisal estimate on your diamond ring, we’re the ones for you. Contact us today for generations worth of expert gemstone cutting, polishing and design.

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