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Aquamarine Gemstone: Celebrating March Birthdays

Aquamarine Gemstone: Celebrating March Birthdays

Derived from the Latin term for seawater, explore the history and meaning of the exquisite and vibrant Aquamarine gemstone.

March, the month of the Pisces, may not be the most popular birth month, but it is the most special. If you share a birth month with celebrities like Mariah Carey, Jessica Biel, and the late (but incredibly wholesome) Mr. Rogers, you're lucky- you have one of the most beautiful birthstones of the entire year.

Aquamarine is beautiful, radiant, and reminiscent of the sun reflecting off the ocean's surface. One thing's for sure- this light blue, sky-toned stone is only for the best and brightest birthday boys and girls.

Still, you may be wondering, where does it come from? Does it have any deeper meanings as a stone? Today, we're here to answer these questions by discussing the history and appeal of this most amazing of birthstones.

Read on for all the details on this beautiful birthstone!

The History of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a stone with a richer history than most.

The first people recorded to have named the stone were Roman fishermen. Since it's mainly found under the sea, this makes sense- it's a stone that these fishermen would have seen often. They gave it the name 'aqua marina,' meaning 'water of the sea,' and commonly associated it with being something the mermaids treasured.

Often, Roman sailors would take the stone to sea as a good luck charm. They believed that it warded them from natural disasters and poor health. In fact, because of the belief in its healing properties, it would occasionally be ground up for drinking!

Rome isn't the only place this history builds, though. In the 1300s, the English (among other Europeans) believed it to be an antidote to poisoning. Since this was a problem among nobles, it was in high demand.

In Ancient Egypt, aquamarine was put into tombs. The Egyptians believed that it would grant eternal youth to people, both living and dead.

Hidden Meanings

Not only does aquamarine have a rich history, but it also has a lot of meanings and spiritual attributes! As we talked about before, people believe the stone to be good luck and to help people stay forever young. There's a lot more to it than that, though.

Today, one of the most popular meanings associated with the mermaid stone is calmness and safety. This refers to both physical and emotional stability and is likely because of the calming, smooth color of the stone. It's said to work magic on those with a little too much energy or anxiety by washing away and eroding at their stress and antsiness. 

March's birthstone is also meant to bring enlightenment to the wearer and cause them to develop an awareness of their own emotions. This is necessary because it allows people to become more regulated and easy to interact with.

Speaking of emotions, it is also said to be healing for those with depression and extreme anxiety. This makes sense if it's already regulating your emotions!

The Appeal of Aquamarine

Besides being popular with those who believe in its strong spiritual and healing properties, it's popular with another audience: fashionistas and style aficionados. And why wouldn't it be? Aquamarine is unique because of its light, mild color, and because of this color, it goes with most wardrobe items.

Not being too loud or bright is a huge appeal of this unique, pale blue stone as an accessory. There are simple but incredible pieces of jewelry made from it. Items like these aquamarine stud earrings can be easily worn on a daily basis.

Easy enough to obtain, it makes a good stone for all sorts of applications. It's commonly found around the waters of Brazil and is easily extracted, making is a less expensive (but equally beautiful) alternative to diamonds.

Why March, Anyway?

The reason that aquamarine is the birthstone for March is due to the strong connection with the astrological sign Pisces. Pisces is the fish, associated with the calming waters and the depths of the ocean. 

It is also deeply connected to the moon and other celestial beings. The moon- and the stars that it's associated with- shine brightly in the month of March, making it the perfect stone to denote that time frame.

Amazing Jewelry Styles

There is a wide variety of jewelry styles that use this as their main gemstone. Earrings with gemstone settings are popular, both stud and dangling. Often, these earrings- along with charms made for necklaces and bracelets- will be in a teardrop shape.

This shape is perfect since it's so reminiscent of the water droplets!

Aquamarine is a far more affordable stone than, say, diamonds. Engagement rings aren't exempt from the mermaid stone treatment. It's possible (and an awesome, creative idea) to find lovely engagement rings in beautiful styles that prominently feature this gorgeous gemstone.

Because aquamarine represents a calm, safe, and steady love, it has an amazing meaning when used as an engagement gift as well. To show the person you love that they're beautiful and unique, just like the stone, is a great way to kick off the rest of your lives together.

Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Luminescence, calming color, soothing qualities. No matter why you like aquamarine, one thing's for sure: it's an essential item for your wardrobe. 

Now that you know why aquamarine is one of the best stones out there- especially for jewelry- it's time to get shopping.

Check out the sales we have going on right now to buy some gorgeous jewelry and kick off the new decade right.

Stay classy!

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