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TVON - A Quick History Lesson on August's Birthstone Peridots

Whether as a gift for a birthday or another special occasion, purchasing a piece of jewelry with the recipient's birthstone is a great way to acknowledge who they are and when they were born. Each month of the year has its own unique birthstone, and August is no different. If you're purchasing a piece of birthstone jewelry to commemorate someone born in this month, then green gems are what you're looking for.

Green Birthstone Jewelry

If you're looking to purchase a green birthstone for August celebrants, you'll have two options available: peridots and emeralds. Emeralds are the way to go If you have plenty of money to spend. After all, they're much more precious and valuable, and they add more meaning to your gift. If you don't have a large budget, however, then we highly recommend going for peridot. They are less expensive, but by no means look any less beautiful than emeralds.

If you're lucky, you might find peridots that look just like emeralds, sparkling in an intense green hue that'll steal anyone's attention.

Want to know more about peridots before making your purchase? Keep on reading for a quick overview.


Gemstones come in different colors that depend on what they're comprised of. Their colors are determined by a variety of different elements that affect the stone’s hue.

That said, peridots are typically lime green. They can sometimes feature a slight yellow tone—thanks to a special mix of iron and magnesium—but August's birthstone is always predominantly green.

The Sources of Peridot

There are only two natural sources of peridot. The first one involves a process that takes place deep inside the Earth, where extremely high pressure and heat forge the precious stones over long periods of time. The second source would be from asteroids that crash down to Earth.

The second source is an extremely rare occurrence compared to the first, making peridot found this way extremely valuable. Fortunately, peridots come in abundance through the first method.

The History of Peridots

Peridots have been playing a role in many of Earth's civilizations for many years. However, the first record of their existence dates back to ancient Egypt on an island not far from its coast. 

Back then, these gemstones weren’t referred to as peridots. They were called Topazios, named after the island where they were first discovered. The island’s name, however, was later changed to Zabargad or St. John's island.

Regardless of its name, the island was closely guarded by the Egyptians for many years as they believed that the location held a lot of treasure. It’s even speculated that some of Cleopatra's jewelry collection included the lime green stones from the island, despite her claiming that they were emeralds.


If you're looking for a piece of birthstone jewelry for someone special born in August, a green-colored gemstone is what you'll want. While emeralds are stunning, they can be very expensive.

We recommend that you invest in beautiful peridots as they are just as eye-catching. The best part is that they’re more affordable, which means you’ll be able to purchase more multiple pieces of jewelry!

Are you looking for birthstone jewelry to purchase for yourself or as a gift for someone special? Browse our online store to find the perfect one in the US market!

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