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TVON - An In-Depth Look at July's Birthstone, the Ruby

Whether you are wearing your birthstone or are representing a loved one by wearing theirs, these gems are a subtle way of expressing personality. Each jewel contains energy that matches the people born on that month. 

For example, if you are born in July, you should have the energy and traits associated with the ruby. What, exactly, are the things you can associate with people who have this birthstone?

Origins and legends surrounding the stone

The ruby is a red gemstone that has been around for millions of years. Geologists often link the formation of rubies with continental collisions. Since these have been around for a while, they have been part of many cultures. There are rubies in crowns, necklaces, ornamental armor, and other ceremonial items in different countries. Modern jewelry also contains rubies.

This precious stone is associated with Cancer and Leo. Most of the dates in July fall under Cancer. Those whose birthdays are under Leo might take ruby as their birthstone or use the other ones associated with the month, like onyx, carnelian, or turquoise.

What the stone symbolizes

This gemstone brings wealth, prosperity, and general good fortune. This belief is why royal houses use this stone in their ceremonial items. The deep red of the gem also signifies love and passion.

Humans believed that they hold the key to a long life as they contain drops of Mother Earth's blood. According to folk belief, rubies can also predict misfortune; if the stone turns dark red, it is a portent of bad luck.

How jewelers price this stone

Clarity, color, cut, and carat weight influence ruby’s price. The best and most valuable rubies are said to be from Myanmar, though there are stones from Mozambique and Madagascar that are equally beautiful.

It isn't easy to find large and intensely colored rubies. Their value increases with size, given that they have the color and clarity of smaller stones. Sizable gems with inclusions or disruptions are less valuable than clear and red ones.

More interesting facts about rubies

People traditionally present rubies to couples celebrating their 15th and 40th anniversaries. Some Asian traditions have foundations with inlaid rubies, which promotes fortune and wealth. In Hindu culture, warriors had rubies in their armor because it is supposed to protect them from enemies.

In the 1950s, excavators dug up the Liberty Bell Ruby, the largest known ruby in existence, weighing four pounds or more than 1.8 kilograms. Unfortunately, it figured in a jewelry heist in 2011. Though the police arrested four suspects for the crime in 2014, they were not successful in locating the gem.

There are plenty of famous rubies in The National Museum of Natural History. One of these is a 23-carat ruby. This gemstone from the Mogok region in Myanmar was unearthed in the 1930s and is from the collection of philanthropist Peter Buck.

A rare type of ruby is the Star Ruby. It is named this way because the stone's surface has a star with either six or 12 rays. This pattern is created by needle-like inclusions, which give the stone a certain sheen after it has been polished. Star rubies shimmer in a different way when you hold them up to the light.


Whether you're buying a ruby for yourself or a loved one, it is nice to know the history and culture associated with this gem. Remember these things the next time you go shopping for this precious stone.

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