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How to Choose the Best Yellow Diamond Stud Earrings for Your Ear's Health

How to Choose the Best Yellow Diamond Stud Earrings for Your Health

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When you are trying to buy a new set of earrings, it is important that you first and foremost consider what is best for the health of your ears. 

While appearance and value matter a lot, the last thing you would want is to have a set of earrings that look great but irritate you or create an allergic reaction. There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind so that you are able to buy the best earrings for your health. 

If you are trying to buy the best yellow diamond stud earrings, follow the tips in this article to get the help that you need. 

1. Make Sure That Your Earrings Are Real Gold

The first thing that you can do to keep your ears safe and healthy is to consider the type of metal the earrings are made with. Gold is the highest quality material that you can consider when you are buying some studs to put in your ear. 

People develop problems and allergic reactions when earrings are made with cheap metals or other materials. By only putting gold earrings in your ear, they will stay healthy and you greatly reduce the chance of dealing with any sort of discomfort or allergic reaction. 

In addition to getting the diamonds appraised, make sure that the earrings are made with quality gold metal. 

Prior to buying a set of gold earrings, make sure that you understand how many karats it is, which dictates the purity of the earring. 

2. Get to Know Any Other Metal That the Earrings Are Made With 

Even if your earrings are made with 24k gold, there is still a chance that the manufacturer used other metals on certain parts. 

Because of this, you need to get an entire breakdown of the earring's composition. If they are gold with nickel plating, it is possible to run into allergic reaction issues. The reason for this is that nickel is a type of metal that is known to irritate people.  

Avoid jewelers and manufacturers that take shortcuts with the creation of their jewelry, and it will help you to avoid any of these allergic reactions. 

3. Consider the Weight and Size of the Earring

There's a lot that you need to consider when buying gold and diamond jewelry, including the weight and size of the piece. 

When you are buying stud earrings, it is also important that you consider the size and the weight. If the earrings are heavy, they will weigh down your earlobes and can create irritation that is difficult to contend with. 

Only purchase earrings that you feel comfortable wearing without them causing injury or discomfort, no matter how amazing they look.

4. Think About the Location of the Piercing

A big part of maintaining the health of your ears is ensuring that the piercing is done correctly the first time.  

Some piercings are more sensitive than others, so you will definitely want to make sure that it is done correctly and under the care of a qualified professional. When you get them to put the initial stud in your ear following the piercing, make sure that it is only the highest quality gold earring. 

They should also give you aftercare instructions that require leaving the earrings in around the clock and taking the time to clean your ears and the area around the piercing as thoroughly as possible. 

5. Study Whether the Earring Has a Back or Not

Sometimes it isn't the earring itself that irritates you, but the back that is placed on it. 

These backs might be made with another kind of metal, some sort of plastic, or other materials. If the back is made with a substance that will irritate you, this will be a cause for health and safety issues. 

6. Keep Your Ears and Earrings as Clean as Possible

You should also do everything in your power to keep the earrings themselves in. 

When you fail to keep the studs clean, they may pick up irritants and other substances that can find their way inside your ear. You can purchase a cleaning solution that you can soak your earrings in, which will prevent the earring from causing your ears to be inflamed. 

7. Listen to Your Body

Realistically, you might not always know exactly why your ears become irritated. The best thing you can do is listen to your body, and stop using earrings, even if they are quality gold and you aren't sure why your ears are bothering you. 

Take the time to visit an allergist to get a full range of bloodwork done to see what sort of allergies you might have. 

8. Buy From Shops and Manufacturers That You Trust

Take the time to also do business with jewelers that are known to provide nothing but the best earrings. Check their track record and make sure that they never give misinformation about the quality of their products. 

You should also look at their Better Business Bureau (BBB) reviews in order to see what kinds of customer service notes people leave. 

Buy the Best Yellow Diamond Stud Earrings That You Can Find

These tips will help you to find the best yellow diamond stud earrings for your ear health. This is a matter of your health and safety, so take the time to buy only the best. 

We would be glad to assist you when you want to buy some great earrings. 

Let us sell you whatever kind of jewelry you need. Take the time to contact us on the web or give us a call at (626) 626-8700.

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