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Yellow Diamond Earrings: What Does Wearing Them Say About You?

Yellow Diamond Earrings: What Does Wearing Them Say About You?

Any fashionista knows that all stones have meaning. What does wearing yellow diamond earrings say about your personality and values? Click here to find out.


With so many types, cuts, and colors of diamonds available, it can be difficult to pick a favorite.

What you may not know is that each color of diamond has a different meaning. So, when you wear yellow diamond earrings, it says something different about you than if you were wearing purple ones.

Keep reading to learn more about the meaning behind yellow diamonds so you can decide if wearing a pair of earrings with them is the right fashion choice for you.

What Is a Yellow Diamond?

Traditional clear diamonds are made of pure carbon. When that carbon is mixed with other elements, it can create different colors. Yellow diamonds are those that have some nitrogen mixed in with them.

Yellow diamonds come in a variety of clarity ratings depending on the concentration of nitrogen in them and whether or not there are other elements mixed in.

Most yellow diamonds originate in South Africa although they can be found around the world. Like other colored diamonds, you can get them in any cut or shape you want.

Color Range

There are five shades of yellow diamonds. From the darkest to the lightest, they are:

  • Vivid yellow
  • Deep yellow
  • Intense yellow
  • Fancy yellow
  • Fancy light yellow

Fancy yellow is one of the most popular shades because of it's pretty shade and affordability. These are also known as Canary diamonds.


As is true with most other colored diamonds, yellow diamonds tend to be more expensive per carat compared to clear diamonds. Overall, though, price is determined by clarity and purity.

A vivid yellow diamond that's pure yellow is going to be four to five times as expensive as a fancy light yellow diamond that has some impurities.

Yellow Diamond Meanings

Now let's get into the meanings of a yellow diamond. When you purchase jewelry that has one for yourself or for a loved one, this is what it represents.

Love and Devotion

All diamonds represent love and devotion. This is in part because diamonds are the hardest naturally-occurring substance on Earth. When something is hard enough to scratch every other substance on earth, it's sure to last a long time.

The other reason diamonds represent devotion is because they take billions of years to form. That's the kind of commitment we're all looking for in a partner which is why diamonds are such a popular choice for engagement rings.

Knowledge and Wisdom

Something else yellow represents is wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence. This most likely stems from the fact that yellow was associated with the sun and the gods in ancient China.

Since these people believed the gods were all-knowing, they likely began to make an association between bright yellow and intelligence. This association is also likely why we refer to smart people as being "bright" or "brilliant."

When you wear Canary diamond earrings or give them as a gift, it's an expression of having intelligence. This makes them a great option to give to recent graduates or educators.

Joy and Optimism

For many people, the first things that come to mind when thinking of the color yellow are warmth, joy, and happiness. Once again, these associations come from the sun, so it's not surprising.

If you don't believe the sun can cause happiness, step outside on a sunny day and stand facing the sun for a few moments. It won't take long before that bright warmth has you feeling great which is why sunlight is used to treat seasonal depression, and why the color yellow is associated with happiness.

So, whether you are a naturally-optimistic person or you're trying to add some more joy into your life, yellow diamond earrings are one way you can do just that. It's also a way to bring happiness into someone else's life when looking for a gift.

New Beginnings

Some of the other things in nature that are yellow are flowers, chicks and ducklings, and egg yolks. These things also share a theme of representing life and new beginnings.

For that reason, yellow diamonds are also considered a representation of new beginnings or a new chapter of your life. They may be given to an expectant mother to celebrate the coming of her new baby or someone who's starting a new job.

If you're looking for a way to make a new beginning in your life a little brighter, adding a pair of yellow diamond earrings to your jewelry collection is a great way to do just that.

Other Meanings

Some other meanings that have been associated with Canary diamonds include:

  • Dreams coming true
  • Innovative ideas
  • High self-esteem
  • Success
  • Taking action
  • Hope

As you can see, all of these things have the same overall theme of yellow diamonds of being uplifting for the wearer and newness whether it's in ideas or relationships.

What Does Wearing Yellow Diamonds Say About You?

Although we've already touched on a few of these things, let's dig deeper into what wearing yellow diamonds says about you.


The main meaning behind yellow diamonds revolves around happiness. So, if you wear yellow diamond earrings or other pieces of jewelry, it's an expression of the joy you hold within you. 


Because Canary diamonds represent new beginnings, a person who wears them is expressing their innovative spirit. You may enjoy pursuing new hobbies, frequently share new ideas, or travel the world looking for new experiences.


Last but certainly not least, a yellow diamond lets others know that you are intelligent and more than just a pretty face. Think of it as an outward reflection of your inward brilliance that you're eager to share with the world.

Looking for Beautiful Yellow Diamond Earrings?

Now you know what yellow diamonds symbolize so you can know what it means when you wear them. As you can see, it's obvious why so many fashionable women are choosing to wear Canary diamonds.

If you're looking for yellow diamond earrings to match your engagement ring or to wear with anything, check out our earring selection. You'll be sure to find something that matches your personal style and budget.

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