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Our 2020 Guide to Astrology and Gemstones - TVON

 Our 2020 Guide to Astrology and Gemstones -  Which Is Your Bling - What to Know?


Gemstones go beyond elevating outfits as the natural, precious rocks are believed to harness individual energy and help people heal. There are specific gemstones that are particularly beneficial for each zodiac sign, allowing you to utilize the ornaments and attract positive spiritual clarity for your birth month.


When considering the perfect gem to match your zodiac, consider the different birthstones of the Gregorian calendar below: 

  1. Aries Gemstones

 Aries is affiliated with a person’s inner fire. The gems aim to spark one’s flame and promote strength, which is why diamonds, amethysts, and emeralds are the go-to choice for Aries babies.

 Aside from being a girl’s best friend, diamonds aim to cut through the noise and clarify your thoughts. Amethyst is ideal for regulating one’s mood, while emerald is primarily used for protection against harm. Altogether, the gemstones help you seize opportunities with a clear mind and a zealous approach. 

  1. Taurus Gemstones

 Taurus represents nature, so eco-conscious individuals are in luck as stones like emerald aim to stimulate creativity and enhance one’s sense of connection with the surrounding nature. It also boosts the self-confidence of Taureans, making it an excellent accessory for special occasions.

 There is also the option to wear rose quartz, which promotes a closer relationship during social gatherings. Lapis Lazuli, on the other hand, guides you in establishing a stronger connection with your loved ones. 

  1. Gemini Gemstones

 Gemini babies can celebrate their birthday with a bang as the zodiac sign calls for sparkling gems, such as agate, tourmaline, and citrine. Agate jewelry adds a touch of softness to your look while inviting feelings of comfort.

 Tourmaline also enhances your mental acuity, while citrine is ideal to wear for those who need a pick-me-up. Overall, Gemini gemstones aim to support your meditative practices to help reveal your highest intentions in life. 

  1. Cancer Gemstones

 Cancer is all about dabbling in the classics. Pearls are often the perennial favorite as it helps bolster a person’s inner wisdom, while moonstone accessories help soothe their temperament. Peridot, on the other hand, lifts the negative cloud that surrounds your thoughts. 

  1. Leo Gemstones

 Peace and harmony are the names of the game for Leo babies. Wearing ruby in social events, for instance, encourages you to experience smoother communication with people. Topaz helps clarify your mind, while tiger eye gemstones enhance perception. 

  1. Virgo Gemstones

 Gemstones for Virgo mostly aim to comfort your soul. Sapphire pieces allow you to lift your mood and escape the stresses of life, while amethyst supports it by promoting an encompassing sense of calm and emotional healing. Finally, the carnelian puts you ahead of the game by increasing feelings of confidence and reminding you of your internal power. 

  1. Libra Gemstones

 Libra is a month of artistry, and creative zeal as gemstones like opal inspire one’s inner creative sense. Peridot helps your heart communicate what it desires while Jade balances your reality by helping you keep track of your financial status. 

  1. Scorpio Gemstones

 Scorpio is an interesting month as the gemstones stimulate raw desires. Onyx taps into your latent psychic abilities, while black pearls promote tranquility and add an edgy touch to your ensemble. Add to it a garnet stone to help you embrace your sensuality. 

  1. Sagittarius Gemstones

 During a month of centering your inner peace, Sagittarius uses Turquoise gemstones to modulate your senses of ambition and aggression. Topaz is also a great pairing as it promotes a harmonic mood, while quartz assists in establishing healthy communication between your hedonistic and puritan selves. 

  1. Capricorn Gemstones

 Gemstones like snowflake obsidian will lift up your sense of authority, making it an excellent piece to wear for business negotiations. For tapping into your intuitive abilities, sapphire is also a beautiful alternative. 

  1. Aquarius Gemstones

 A time of self-love and healing, Aquarius plays around with gemstones like amethyst to help facilitate love and mental clarity. Amber provides counsel while wearing hematite eases your journey back to reality as it promotes focus and discipline. 

  1. Pisces Gemstones

 In case you feel like there is a looming discomfort following you around, wearing a bloodstone can help pull you into a safe space. Aquamarine also heightens your sense awareness, while opal provides a unique comforting effect that shields people from addictive tendencies. 

Wrapping Up

 If you’ve ever wondered what the stars have in store for you, the guide above should help you connect with the corresponding gemstones that align with your horoscope. If you are looking for gemstones for sale, contact us today to find the best ones for you!

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