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Aquamarine Gemstone: Celebrating March Birthdays

Aquamarine Gemstone: Celebrating March Birthdays Derived from the Latin term for seawater, explore the history and m...

The Best Jewelry for January Birthdays

The Best Jewelry for January Birthdays If you're looking for the best jewelry to celebrate that special someone with a January birthday, check out our guide to the best unique gifts.

Best Diamond Alternatives: 7 Stunning Unique & Ethical Gems

Maybe it’s the price. Maybe it’s the look. Maybe it’s the derivation. Or maybe you simply want a dash of color. For w...

[Diamond Appraisal Guide] Certificates, Cost, Charts and More

With diamonds, the stakes are nearly always high. Mistakes or oversights when you buy can be very costly. Lack of ade...

Types of Diamonds: Names, Cuts, VVS & Colors

When you think of a diamond, what do you see? For most people, it’s a perfectly clear, beautiful, colorless stone s...
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